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Although our school joined the LiFE Multi Academy Trust on 1st September 2022, this has not altered any of the school admissions process.  All school admissions are processed by Leicestershire County Council’s school admissions team using their admissions policy.  You can find all of the information you need on their webpage by clicking on the picture below.  All admissions are subject to the number of spaces available.


LCC school admissions (link)


Consultation on LiFE Multi-Academy Trusts admissions arrangements for 2025 – 2026

Please click here to read more about this on the LiFE MAT website

Please click here to respond to the consultation by 5:00pm on the 27th January 2024


National average class sizes for infant classes (EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2) was 26.7 for 2021-22 academic year.  


National average class sizes for junior classes (Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6) was 27.6 for 2021-22 academic year. 


At Desford, we are above national average class size in years EYFS,3, 4 and 6.


We have an agreed operational capacity of 65 for all year groups that are at or close to 30 per class (60 per cohort). Our current capacity is as follows:


EYFS - 30 children per class

Year 1 - Spaces Available

Year 2 - Spaces Available

Year 3 - 30 children per class

Year 4 - At or Exceeding operational capacity

Year 5 - Spaces Available

Year 6 - At or Exceeding operational capacity



Local Authority Admissions will reject all applications for school places where that year group has reached or exceeded the operational capacity of 65.  This is for the following reasons:


  • Each additional child to a class can have a detrimental impact on the teacher’s workload, it is therefore paramount to protect their work life balance of staff to avoid the risk of stress related sickness and inconsistency of class teacher to pupils.
  • The School do not wish to have overcrowded classrooms that then limit different teaching and learning styles. It also reduces opportunities to bring in additional resources or equipment i.e. access to ICT equipment
  • Individual contact time between the teacher and the pupils becomes more limited
  • High numbers have a negative impact on behaviour both within the classroom and around the school in general.


Please consider these reasons before applying for a school place.  The operational capacity is in place to ensure the best possible education for your children.


School Catchment Area

For more information about our school on the Leicestershire County Council Website, click on the link below:

Desford Community Primary School (Link)

View this document for a map of the school's current catchment area:

Your Guide to Education in Leicestershire

Before applying for your child’s school place you should read the primary ‘Your Guide to Education’ booklet for the academic year you are applying for.  You can access the latest version of this booklet by clicking the picture below.



Applying for a place

Once you have read the 'Your Guide to Education' booklet, you should visit the page for applying for a school place by clicking on the picture below. 

Applying for a school place (Link)


- Deadline for applying for Autumn 2023 first time admissions: 15th January 2023.

- National offer date for Autumn 2023 first time admissions: 16th April 2023 (or next working day)

School Appeals

If your child has been refused a school place, you can appeal this decision on the following link:


Appeal a school place (link)

Leicestershire County Council Admission Policies

The most up to date admissions policies for Leicestershire schools can be found on the following link:

LCC Admissions Policies