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School Calendar

You can link the calendar events to your personal calendar by subscribing to the calendar. This means that all the events from the calendar will automatically pull through to your personal calendar, alongside any other existing calendars you may already have. You only have to subscribe once; any changes made will be reflected in your personal calendar. Please note, events on subscribed calendars are not editable by parents.

Using the Calendar

  • The school calendar is checked and updated on at least a weekly basis.
  • Select a different view by clicking on week, month or agenda (agenda enables you to view all entries as a list).
  • Click on the individual item to view the text on each diary entry, longer items do not always display in full.
  • Click on the link beneath the calendar to view a larger version of the diary.
  • Reminders and further information about upcoming events will be sent out to parents/carers in advance.