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Children's Mental Health Week 2022

A short video from our year sixes (and Bonnie the dog) to deliver the important message of how to grow as a person with the help of others - growing together.

Reading is my Superpower - An assembly for world book day


RULE OF LAW - How we can use rules to help us and to keep safe

This assembly is about the importance of following rules in order to keep us safe and help other people.

RESPECT - Showing respect for others by being kind to others this Christmas

This assembly is about the importance of showing kindness towards others this Christmas, particularly those that are on their own or far away.

INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY - Making your own choices on how to keep your mind healthy

This assembly is about how everyone has their own way of shaking off a grumpy mood and looking after their minds.

TOLERANCE - Learning about and respecting people from other faiths and cultures

An assembly that talks about where some of our festive and Christmas traditions originate from.

INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY - Making your own choices on how to stay active

An assembly about staying active and the importance of being healthy.



United Against Bullying Assembly

An assembly for introducing Anti-Bullying Week 2020

Anti Bullying Week - Virtual Odd Socks Assembly 2020 'United Against Bullying'

Here is our amazing Odd Socks Day/Anti-Bullying Week Virtual Assembly brought to you by the Anti-Bullying Alliance. 20 minutes of jam packed songs, Andy and the Odd Socks, anti-bullying messages and some amazing celebrity guests including Anne-Marie, Mo Farah and McFly. You can share it in your assemblies, in the classroom or share in your online lesson.



Express Yourself - Children's Mental Health Week 2021

An assembly to promote the theme of Express Yourself for Children's Mental Health Week 2020-21

Find your Brave

Our school rule of Be Kind to Yourself, Others and the Environment applies to everything we do. For Children's Mental Health Week, we made a video around the theme of Find Your Brave. This video is about how you can help yourself by speaking to others when you feel a bit down or, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.



Remote Remembrance Day Assembly - 11th November 2020

The children viewed this assembly in school as well as joining a live link to Desford War Memorial where we joined joined Jim Mullin and Gareth Hutchinson for a small, remote service.