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Friends of Desford Primary School (FODPS)

Registered Charity Number 1115682 


What is FODPS?


The Friends of Desford Primary School (FODPS) are a group of people made up of parents and staff who come together to encourage close links between the school, parents/guardians and the wider community.


Our main purpose is fundraising by way of hosting several planned (and even some pop-up) events throughout the school year.  These can take many forms; Like seasonal school discos, film nights, a pop-up ice cream stall, a fun family night of chocolate bingo or the much-loved Spring Fling.


Our goal is to ultimately facilitate the school’s ability to go above and beyond it’s preset budgetary limits.  This may be by purchasing additional books and materials, new music equipment, new technologies, or even larger projects like buildings and facilities.


It’s not just about fundraising either.  Community engagement is also one of our driving forces. We want to bring staff, volunteers and parents together to take pride in reaching common goals for our school, enjoy ourselves, and make new friends.







The Official Part

The FODPS Committee have adopted the PTA UK constitution.  We pay an annual sum to the PTA UK for insurance that covers events and public liability.  We are also registered with the Charity Commission and as such, our Trustees are bound by a signed declaration. Our accounts are filed annually.


FODPS Members

All parents/guardians of children attending the school and teachers are automatically members of the PTA. Desford and its surrounding villages are wonderful and diverse, so it follows that it’s residents with their experience, expertise and talents are equally so.  We welcome and gratefully appreciate anyone who is able to help us in any way (no matter how small) with our events and activities.  


How can you get involved?

There are countless ways that you can support your school through FODPS.  This could be by staffing the tuck shop at one of the events, offering your services (face painting, martial arts, crafts), lending your gazebo, donating Easter eggs, sourcing 50 coconuts or providing a tractor!  Many of us aren’t available during school hours, but there are still other tasks that can be done from home, like gift wrapping, building prizes, making masks or preparing raffle prizes!  Any help before, during, after (and anywhere in between) events is hugely valuable and appreciated.


Why not attend the AGM (Annual General Meeting)? You can share your ideas for fundraising events or family fun or even volunteer as a committee member.  The FODPS committee also host open meetings every other month, details of which can be found on our Facebook group page below.



Contact us

In addition to this page, you can join our Facebook group at:


You can get in touch with us by emailing or simply give one of us a shout most term time days in the playground at drop off or pick up.