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Clubs & Activities

At Desford Community Primary School, we see everything that the children do as being part of the Desford Curriculum.  We therefore see it important that we offer a range of extra curricular clubs and activities that give all children the opportunity to have a wide range of experiences.  We take great care in ensuring that the clubs we offer also fit within our school 'Be Kind (to yourself, others and the environment)' ethos. 

The clubs and activities we offer may differ from half term to half term.  This is dependent upon the weather, the staff available for offering clubs and other factors.  We aim to ensure a range of clubs that cater for all tastes, and offer these at lunch times, before school and after school.  

Be Kind to Yourself: Zen Zone (Yoga and wellbeing), art clubs and outdoor activities develop wellbeing

Be Kind to Others: Sports clubs develop character and the importance of sportsmanship towards opponents.

Be Kind to the Environment: Allotment Club and Forest School develop an understanding of our environment.


Some clubs that we offer over the course of the year include:

- Football (boys and girls)

- Dodgeball

- Multi-sports

- Allotment Club

- Book Club

- Dance Workshop

- Zen Zone (Yoga and wellbeing activities)
- School Choir




There is a small charge for clubs to help towards the cost of staffing and external coaches, but clubs are free for children who receive the pupil premium funding.  Information about clubs is sent home to parents in the last 2-3 weeks of each half term, to give time to book for the following half term. 


For more information, please contact the school office on 01455 822379 or email