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Years 5 and 6

Super Sharks, Wonderful Whales, Dynamic Dolphins.

Super Sharks,        Wonderful Whales,     Dynamic Dolphins. 1
Super Sharks,        Wonderful Whales,     Dynamic Dolphins. 2
Super Sharks,        Wonderful Whales,     Dynamic Dolphins. 3



Welcome to the families and children of Year Five and Six.


The teachers, and supporting adults, in year five and six this year will be Mr West (Super Sharks), Mr Percival (Wonderful Whales), and Mrs Stanworth (Dynamic Dolphins).  The children will be supported by Miss Sharp, Miss Hughes and Mrs Prime.  Mrs Bryan will also be responsible for teaching French this year.



Our Curriculum Overview:


English will continue to focus on writing and the application of grammar, punctuation and spelling skills.  To apply this, we will be writing a range of text types. During the next half-term we will be focusing on Chinese legends and myths. We will also be helping someone from the future with a variety of information based tasks.   


Children will work on learning the range of spellings in the Year 5/6 statutory word list. This will be done alongside the rehearsal and application spelling rules. Spelling tests taking place on Friday mornings


This year, spelling homework will be done using the Spelling Shed program. Each children will be given their user-name and unique password to access the set tasks. The program can be accessed through the app store or by using the following link:


In Maths, the children will be revising their knowledge of calculation. We will also be looking at decimals, perimeter and algebra.   


For Maths homework, we will be beginning to use Sumdog Maths program.  This can be downloaded via the app store or can be accessed via the following link:


All children will continue to revise their knowledge and application of times tables.  Understanding these tables, and corresponding facts, plays a huge role in developing your child's deeper understanding of other mathematical processes. There will be supplementary sessions throughout the week to support your child, and any further support you can provide is much appreciated.  The following websites might prove useful:



In Science we will be studying Evolution. This will cover areas including inheritance and adaptation. 


Our next topic this term, in respect of the creative curriculum, will focus upon China.  This will include: placing the country geographically and looking at the human impact on this vast country. 


In Art and D.T. we will be focusing on Chinese inspired patterns whilst using different mediums.


Athletics will be our main P.E. focus. The children will be looking at different techniques needed to run short and long distances, throw and jump.  


The mental health of children and British values will be the focus of our PSHE lessons.


Computing will continue to focus on essential ICT skills. This will be followed by using recording software to make a documentary.  


In Music, the children will be focusing on learning and performing songs through the use of beat-boxing.


Please see the attached letter for the homework expectations.


Thank you for your continued support - if you have any questions regarding this, or any other aspect of the curriculum, please feel free to talk to your child's class teacher.


Mr West         Mr Percival        Mrs Stanworth



Year 5/6 Spelling Appendix