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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) Provision

It is a requirement that all schools provide pupils with a structured and progressive programme  of activities that develop and explore Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural themes.


Though not a curriculum area as such, nonetheless "SMSC" (as it is known) is the ethical and moral underpinning of everything that happens in a school and seeks to educate children by direct and indirect means what it means to be  rounded , balanced individuals able to participate fully as  citizens and behave responsibly  in the world. It seeks to inculcate in children strong, liberal, moral values underlying self-respect and a respect for others.


Desford Primary school has a  coordinated, structured and deliberate approach to meeting this obligation. Through the direct teaching of ideas and values, the provision of key experiences and clarity about our expectations, we have created a caring, inclusive and supportive school culture that at all times strives to embody the behaviour and attitudes we are aiming to instill in our pupils. That we are successful in this is evident in the excellent relationships, the inclusive culture and in the excellent standard of behaviour found throughout the school.


British Values


There is also a requirement that we teach children about British Values as part of the SMSC programme.


These are defined by the Government as:


  •  an understanding of how citizens can influence decision-making through the democratic process
  • an appreciation that living under the rule of law protects individual citizens and is essential for their well-being and safety
  • an understanding of how the law is shaped by Parliament, applies to everyone, and operates through the activities of an independent judiciary
  • an understanding that the freedom to choose and hold a faith is protected by law
  • a recognition that discriminatory actions based in faith, belief or gender are illegal
  • an understanding of the importance of identifying and combatting discrimination


Clearly, these ideas need to be presented appropriately to Primary School aged children ( especially the younger ones) if they are to be meaningful and the programme in each Key Stage reflects this.


Attached this page are the SMSC programmes for each of the Key Stages in the school and these incorporate the activities focused on British values.


The whole-school assembly programme covering much SMSC/British Values content can be seen by clicking here



 "Prevent" Anti-Radicalisation


Along with all other schools, Desford Primary  has a  statutory obligation to train Staff and Governors in the the national anti-radicalisation "Prevent" programme and to be vigilant for signs of radicalisation in the school and community, and to report any such signs through the established channels.


The line of approach is that those who seek to radicalise young people are engaging in a  form of grooming and therefore the issue is a Safeguarding matter. Young people who are radicalised are seen as victims who need protection, help and support.


All teaching staff  at Desford  and Governors have had the Local Authority approved "Prevent " training.


The Head Teacher has undertaken the statutory "Prevent" risk assessment for the school and deems pupils at Desford Primary School to be at very low risk of radicalisation.


A link to the Government "Prevent" website is here