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Snow Plan

Procedures in the event of heavy snow Winter 2018-19


The decision to stay open or close the school is made by 7.00. a.m. This will be based on:


  • the ability of staff to get into school

  • the safety /conditions in the building, given the weather
  • the likelihood of weather becoming even worse during the day. 


Once this decision is made it can’t be reversed, even if weather conditions improve. Please accept our apologies in advance if the decision turns out to be the wrong one but we have to decide on the basis of the information we have at the time and with enough notice to allow parents to make childcare arrangements.


 If the school needs to close,  we will send a text message announcing a school closure to all parents who have provided us with their current mobile number at, or soon after 7.00 a.m. Parents should confirm the text message by listening out for announcements on BBC Radio Leicester and by checking on the school website.


We  always do our best to keep the school open!


If the school is open, children will be expected to attend and all unexplained absence will be unauthorised.


Please be aware that if the school needs to close, Extra Time Club will also close for both morning and afternoon sessions.


If the decision is made to open the school, we will not close during the day even if the snowfall becomes heavier. We understand that parents may be delayed in collecting their children at the end of the day. We will look after the children until they are collected, however late this may be.


Parents can pick up children early but children will need to be "registered" out, with the usual requirements that we are informed by parents themselves if children are to go home with other adults.


Children who ordinarily go home on their own must stay at school until home-time. Unless the children are actually collected, they stay in school until 3.20 p.m.


Please don’t phone school to ask if we are open/closed. This blocks the phone lines and makes it even harder to cope with the complex situation in school. Please check the school website front page regularly for  situation updates.