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School Dinners

School Dinners at Desford Community Primary School are cooked on-site  by the Leicestershire School Meals Service.  Our kitchens  also cater for two other local schools.  All of  our meals meet or exceed National nutritional standards. The kitchens are regularly inspected and have the highest possible hygiene rating.

The Big Picture:


  • From the start of 2014-15 all Foundation Stage and Key Stage One children have been entitled to a school dinner without charge under the Universal Key Stage One Meals Scheme.  
  • In 2018-19 it is still the case that all children whose parents are in receipt of specific State Benefits are entitled to Free School Meals.  Information on this is attached to this page.  We strongly recommend that you apply for Free School Meals if you think that you are entitled, and we can help you with this.  We are able to provide a set of free school uniform annually, free school trips and free before-and-after-school clubs to all children in receipt of Free School Meals.
  • Paid-for meals cost £2.20 daily, or £11.00 per week.
  • As we are becoming a cashless school dinner money will need to be paid for via ParentMail.  You will need to register to make payments for dinners.
  • You will receive a text as a reminder when your balance drops below £5.00.  We cannot allow dinner money arrears to build up and school dinners will not be available after this until the debt is cleared.
  • The 2018-19 menus are available below.


The Key Stage 2 school dinners menu 2018-19 is shown below.


The menu for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 2018-19 can also be seen below.


A vegetarian option is available daily but only to vegetarians. Please contact school if you would like to arrange this for your child.