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SATS Results and other Key Data

 The school's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for 2017-18  can be viewed here. Almost all the pupil  outcomes from Key Stage 2, Key Stage 1 and from Early Years/ Foundation Stage are  either at or above National Averages.


Also attached to this page are the PDFs containing are the key performance indicators for Key Stage 1, Keystage 2 and the Year 1 Phonics Screen for the last three academic years.


The data  comprises "Dashboards" for each of the three above areas  indicating "Big Picture" headlines, then broken down further into more detailed analyses relating to pupil groups of many sorts. The data is that held by the Department for Education. The Ofsted Data Dashboard is that published by the DfE and used by Ofsted to inform a school inspection and by the school  to inform self-evaluation and strategic planning. The Dashboard relating to the academic year 2017-18 will be available here soon after it is published in the late Autumn of 2018. 


Until the 2017-18 Data Dashboard becomes available, a summary of Desford Primary School's 2016-17  Key Performance Indicators can be found here.


Overall, Desford Primary school data is broadly comparable with National standards in all key areas and is compatible with our "Good School" Ofsted status confirmed in the July 2017 inspection.  A link to the Department for Education School Performance Tables (" School League Tables") is here.


 Normal cohort variations explain why elements of the data year-to- year are often above the National Average, and sometimes marginally  below in some analyses.


Our close, frequent and regular  analyses of pupil data is a big factor in deciding on the development priorities for the school. Our 2017-18 self-evaluation summary can be found here and the consequent  development priorities for 2018-19  here


2017-18 Pupil Outcomes Data

2016-17 Ofsted Data Dashboard

2015-16 Ofsted Data Dashboard

2014-15 Ofsted Data Dashboard