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Parent Suggestions & Feedback

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School Governing Body Survey

Once a year, the Governing Body will send a survey to parents that requests feedback on a wide range of topics associated with school life.  This survey closely resembles the survey that Ofsted use during a school inspection to gain an understanding of parents perception of the school.


Feedback and Suggestion Form

We do however welcome your opinions and suggestions at any time of the year on how we could improve the school experience for you and your family.  You can make those suggestions using the link to an online form below, or by completing a feedback form and posting it in the suggestion box in the school foyer.

Constructive feedback and suggestions can help us to provide an improved school experience for you.

Please provide your suggestion by clicking on the following link, explaining why you think your suggestion will be of benefit and for whom it will be of benefit to.  If you have more than one suggestion, please submit each suggestion you have on a separate form.  Click here for online suggestion form.

The feedback and suggestion form is for constructive ideas or improvements.  If you are dissatisfied with something in relation to school, please contact the school office or use the school complaints policy to raise your concerns.  This policy can be found here (link)