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Lower Juniors (Years 3+4)

Rafts. The children had to make a raft to see if would make it across the River Nile.

The children designed an Egyptian themed sarcophagus that represented themselves.

Red Nose Day 2017.

The children produced some fantastic Egyptian themed homework.

The children had fun making games that used magnetic forces.

World Book Day 2017 - We had lots of fun dressing up and sharing our favourite books.

We had lots of fun at the New Walk museum. This supported our topic on the Ancient Egyptians.

Taking a line for a walk...our beginnings..........

Come and have a look at our amazing homework ideas!

Investigating the strength of magnets.

Such fun! A friction investigation!

It is rocket Science! We had fun testing different liquids to see which one would make the best rocket fuel.

English. We looked at how instructions are structured and tried to follow some to make paper boats.

Music. We copied the rhythm to some well known rhymes and then had a go at creating one ourselves.

The Vikings. The children re-created the Viking creation story through dance and drama.