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Homework is a very important part of  a child's overall educational experience and at Desford Primary School we are careful to ensure the homework we set children is appropriate and useful. We cannot stress enough the vital role parents have in supporting their children to do  regularly and well the homework we set. Just as important for developing language, number and thinking skills is the time children spend with parents at home practising their reading  and sharing activities such as cooking, gardening and making things.


Additionally, the school runs regular workshops for parents on how to make the most of sharing activities with your child at home, details of which are circulated in letters home and on the school calendar.


The following section on homework is taken from our Teaching and Learning Policy. It outlines in general terms what homework parents can expect us to set their children in each year group. The actual detail of the homework set week-to-week can be found on your child's Class Page elsewhere on this website. This information will be up to date and clear.



10. Homework


Homework is intended to extend and enrich particular and current learning being done at school, or else to practice and develop key skills over a sustained period


Homework is an important and integral part of pupil’s learning. Appreciation of its value will be evident in the care with which it is managed by teachers and supported by parents.


All children at DCPS will be provided with a quantity of homework appropriate to their age. This will comprise on-going practice of reading/spelling and fundamental number work (such as times-tables) and/or particular tasks relating to work currently being done in the classroom, either as preparation or follow-up enrichment.


Teachers are expected to set relevant, appropriate and engaging tasks as homework, over and above regular reading and number work practice. This may be in the form of "BrainBuilder" creative, open-ended tasks which parents and children are strongly recommended to explore together. The school also subscribes to several educational websites which our pupils are enabled to access from home and which may provide homework tasks.


There is a clear expectation that teachers use the Class website page to clearly inform parents of what homework needs doing by when and that this system is diligently used. For younger children, the School/Parent Link Book will enable parents to keep track of some homework tasks and to pass on feedback to teachers about reading practise done at home.


The quantity of homework set is expressed in terms of the time it could be reasonably expected to do it. This is inevitably a rule-of-thumb measure.


  • Year 5/6 children have around 2.5 hours per week ( or ½ hour per day)
  • Year 3/4 have around 1 ¾ hours per week (or 20 minutes per day).
  • KS 1 children will have a around an hour per week homework including the daily reading they will do (ideally) with an adult at home                  


There is an expectation that homework provided is completed on time by the pupil and that parents are supportive in ensuring that this happens, ideally by taking an interest and an active role in the tasks set. This is particularly the case in ensuring that children read at home.


This expectation is vital in developing a work ethic and self-discipline essential to good progress an attainment at Secondary School. Key Stage 2 Pupils who do not complete homework at home will be required to complete it at school in a convenient break or lunchtime. We will contact parents if homework is not being done or is not being done to a satisfactory standard.


Pupils whose home circumstances make it difficult for them to do their homework at home will be encouraged and supported to complete their work after hours at school


Completed written homework may not be directly marked by the class teacher because there is simply no time to do this, given the workload involved in preparing and marking class work. However, all homework will be acknowledged and appropriately recognised/ rewarded.


Parents who have any concerns over homework issues are invited to raise these in the first instance with either the class teacher or the Head Teacher.