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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium at Desford Primary School


Pupil Premium funding provides children in receipt of Free School Meals (FSM) and Looked after Children (LAC) with additional academic and social support focused on their individual needs. Children of military families also qualify for Pupil Premium.


A guide for parents to Pupil Premium can be accessed here.


Our 2017-18  Pupil Premium Strategy Statement for Ofsted Inspectors can be accessed here


Currently, (September 2017) we have 43 pupils who meet the eligibility criteria for Pupil Premium. This generates a Pupil Premium budget allocation allocated to Pupil Premium expenditure under three headings;


  • Targeted Support
  • Quality Teaching for All
  • Other Approaches


The actual breakdown of this projected 2017-18 expenditure is detailed here.


The provision funded by this expenditure  in 2016-17 is outlined here.


Pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium have their individual needs identified through careful assessment. These are recorded in each child's Pupil Premium Individual Education Plan (PPIEP) and reviewed regularly.


 A substantial majority of the budget provides a specialist, qualified and experienced teacher for three days a week to work 1-1 and in small groups exclusively with Pupil Premium children throughout the school. Additionally, an experienced and suitably trained Teaching Assistant works with Pupil Premium children in small groups/1-1 under the supervision of the Pupil Premium Teacher for four afternoons a week.


A smaller proportion of the budget is used to enable each class to have a Teaching Assistant during all Maths and Literacy lessons supporting both Pupil Premium and non-Pupil Premium children to achieve the best possible outcomes.


The remainder of the budget is used to support short-term projects involving Pupil Premium children and in providing to Pupil Premium children free school uniforms/ PE kit, subsidised residential trips, free musical instrument lessons, free access to all school clubs and other benefits .


A member of the Senior Leadership Team oversees the Pupil Premium programme and liaises with a Pupil Premium governor.


Pupil Premium pupils' attainment/ progress  is  closely monitored and tracked by Senior Leaders and Governors using various data sources including our own pupil attainment/progress tracking system and external data such as RaiseOnline and the Ofsted Inspection Dashboard.


The overall impact of Pupil Premium expenditure is reviewed termly by Senior Leaders and Governors.


Assessment data for 2016-17 Pupil Premium Pupil Groups accessible here will provide Ofsted Inspectors with evidence underpinning our  view that the DCPS Pupil Premium programme is very effective overall. There is clear evidence children supported by Pupil Premium  make good progress individually and as a group in each cohort.


All Pupil Premium activity is evidenced by  collated records kept centrally. Pupil assessments,  targets, lesson plans, progress analyses and monitoring and evaluation documents are available for scrutiny by Ofsted, as are records of actual Pupil Premium expenditure on each individual pupils.


2016-17 Pupil Premium Strategy Statement

2016-17 Pupil Premium Budget Allocation

2016-17 Pupil Premium Provision

A Guide for Parents to Pupil Premium 2016-17