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Ofsted Inspection September 2012


The school was graded "Good" in the 2012 Ofsted inspection.This was  achieved under a new and very rigourous Ofsted inspection framework that came into force at the start of September 2012. The full Ofsted report is attached to the bottom of this page.


Some key quotes from the report:


“The school has a very welcoming atmosphere and adults provide excellent care and support for all pupils. Each child is highly valued and given an equal opportunity to succeed”


     “Lesson observations provided strong evidence that teaching is good overall and is promoting good progress”


   “Parents, carers, staff and pupils are all highly positive about standards of behavior in the school, which are typically good. This is reflected in the a calm atmosphere where pupils are consistently respectful of staff and thoughtful about the way to treat each other”


“Well-focused leadership by the head teacher and senior leaders is reflected at all levels of management”


 “Accurate and well-focused self-evaluation  (of the governors) is the result of regular meetings between senior leaders and members of the governing body. And this extends to robust monitoring and management of the performance of all members of staff”

School Inspection Report 2012