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Music Celebration Evening

Our music celebration night will take place on Wednesday 29th March at 6pm. Children who have been invited by their music teachers and those involved in recorder clubs and choir will be performing to you on this evening. There will be a mixture of solos and ensemble performances. All children involved will receive a letter over the next couple of weeks. Please see Mrs King if you need any further information. 


Well done to all the children who came to Ratby Church on Saturday 3.12.16 for another fantastic evening of music and singing with another school and the Ratby Brass Band. It was great to see so many of you singing confidently and really enjoying the music. 

Ratby Band Schools Choir Concert 3.12.16

Year 4 and 5 Recorder Club

As usual this club has been really well attended this half term and the children have worked hard preparing to play some tricky music at the KS2 Carol concert. I am really proud of you all for being able to play 3 different parts, keeping in time and starting and stopping by yourselves! Your parents will be really proud!

Year 3 Recorders

The Year 3s are continuing with recorder lessons on a Friday afternoon until Christmas. Please make sure you remember your recorder and your music!!!

Music in Assembly on Fridays

Thank you to all the children who have practised really hard to play their instruments as we come in to Friday assemblies. Watch this space for some photos from upcoming assemblies showing the musicians in action!

Year 2 Recorders

Year 2 will start recorder lessons after Christmas. A letter has recently been sent home to give you information about this. Please see Mrs King if you have any questions.