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Mr Cooper and Mr King will be repeating last year's successful and well received session on e-safety. This in on Wednesday 1st February 2017 @ 6:00 p.m.


Primary aged children are now using the Internet at home in very many ways and using a variety of devices. While the benefits if the Internet are indisputable, so too are the dangers. Schools and parents need to work together to keep our children safe from inappropriate content and from individuals who mean them harm.


The school has robust systems and policies regulating the use of ICT in school and pupils are highly protected from online harm while in school.


We have a fully-qualified teacher Lead on Child Exploitation Online Protection (CEOP) who has been  trained and accredited by  the CEOP organisation (itself a branch of the Police Service) who advises us on best practice in this area.


Additionally, our CEOP curriculum throughout the school raises children's awareness of internet hazards and provides them with the knowledge and strategies to protect themselves when online.


All of the online  incidents and issues we have dealt with in recent years have originated from pupil's use of the Internet at home.


Some of the issues have been very serious child protection incidents and have lead to police involvement. Children are no safer online in Desford than anywhere else and we strongly recommend our parents to take a very close interest indeed in what their children are doing on their computers and devices at home.


To help enable parents to do this effectively, we hold regular CEOP  seminars at school to which all our parents are invited. These seminars raise parent's awareness of the hazards and provide  information on how the online risks can best be managed.  We urge all parents to attend these briefings regularly.


With school, parents and the children themselves all doing their bit in this area , we can minimize the risks and maximise the benefits of children accessing the Internet.

Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) briefing for Parents 18th January 2016 presented by Martin Cooper ( CEOP Lead Teacher) and Gavin King (DCPS ICT Consultant).


The briefing slides are available further down the page.


Here's feedback from two parents who attended the briefing:


"Dear Mr Cooper,


Thank you so much for organising the On-line Risks and Dangers Awareness briefing.  It was absolutely invaluable, we as parents thought that we were being very diligent with our parental restrictions on all of our devices at home and felt we were aware of the potential risks to our children when using them.  However, following this fantastic meeting with yourself and the more technical insight from Gavin King, we found that we are quite behind with our knowledge and full understanding.


We came home and immediately went on to all our devices and have changed restrictions and feel much more assured that we are in a far more informed position than were where before we came, which is just so fantastic as a parent to have this support and guidance from the school.

We really appreciate the amount of time, resources and effort that has to be applied by the school and teachers to run meetings of this nature and we are so very grateful that you have done this. 


We do hope that you are in a position to put on another meeting to capture some of the parents that were unable to attend that evening.


Warm Regards,


C & B  K"



Useful websites  - This is an excellent website based in the U.S.A.  As well as providing a huge range of information for parents, it is the basis for many UK based schools e-safety schemes of work, including Desford.


NSPCC in conjunction with O2 - Helpful advice from the NSPCC and tools that you can use to help keep your child safe whenever and wherever they go online.


Thinkyouknow - provided by CEOP, this site contains activities for children, guides for parents and links to other useful web sites.


Vodafone Digital Parenting - a really excellent site with free downloadable magazines, "How to" guides providing information on such things as how to protect a smart phone and how to set up Youtube safety mode. Well worth a look!


The Safer Internet site - a whole host of useful links, including: How to set up Parental controls for a range of service providers (including BT, Sky, Talktalk, Virgin Media, PlusNet); advice and resources and a guide to technology for parents.