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Assembly Themes 2016-17


The tables below show the whole-school assembly programme for each term in 2016-17


The main whole school assembly is on a Monday and its theme always has a Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) or British Values focus. The theme is then picked up and amplified in each of KS1/KS2 assemblies throughout the week, and also in class.


This approach enables each focus theme to be explored systematically, in-depth and at an appropriate age-related level throughout the school.

2016-17 SMSC/RE/British Values Whole -School Assembly Schedule





Autumn Term 2016

5th September

New School Year


12th September

Whole school Spelling and Maths initiatives to launch


19th September

Respect for the Aged Day (Japan)

Compare and contrast with UK attitudes to the aged.

26th September

The Dalai Lama

Tibetan Buddhism. The Dalai Lama’s story

3rd October


Jain beliefs. Jains in Leicester

10th October

Columbus Day (USA)

American celebrations. The story of the “discovery” of the Americas




24th October

British Summer Time ends (30/10)

Time Zones. The Greenwich Meridian. International date line.

31st October

Christians of many  kinds

Christian denominations.


7th November


The Scottish, Welsh and Irish Assemblies

11th November

Remembrance Day

Real-time connection with  Desford  Memorial service and Arc de Triomphe  service

14th November

St Andrew’s day

Saints in the Church. Parallels in other religions

21st November

Thanksgiving Day (USA)

History. What does this look like from a Colonial/ Native American perspective?

28th November

Advent Sunday

Bible references. Countdown to Christmas

5th December

Winter Solstice

Astronomical significance.  Religious significance.

w/b 12th  December

The Nativity From the St. Matthew Gospel

Christmas Services at St. Martin’s Church

Christmas Holidays

Spring Term 2017

9th January

Russian Christmas Day (7/1/17)

Orthodox Christianity has its own traditions

16th January

Martin Luther King’s Birthday

Why MLK is revered in the USA

23rd January

The Parish Council

Visitors from DPC

30th January

The District Council

Visitors from H+BDC

6th February

Chinese New Year  (8/2/17)

Our own Dragon Dance


20th February

The County Council

County Councillor visitor






27th February

Ash Wednesday (1/3/17)

Shared with St Martin’s Clergy

6th March

The Courts of Justice

Legal visitor /justice and the courts

13th March


Hindu festival of colours

20th March

Prisons in the UK

Punishment, restitution  and rehabilitation

27th March

Easter Story Assembly

Shared with St Martin’s clergy

w/b 3th April

Easter Services at the Desford Free Church


Easter Holidays

Summer Term 2017



24th April


Charity in religious traditions

Helping others indirectly

May Day Holiday

8th May

Buddha Day


15th May

Charity  and Christianity

The Good Samaritan. St. Martin’s clergy visitors

22nd May

DCPS Charities

 What we have achieved by supporting charities this year 


5th June

Tolerance and Intolerance

Types of Prejudice

12th June

Tolerance and Intolerance

What the Law Says

19th June

Summer Solstice (21/06)

Astronomical facts. Cultural and religious significance. Stonehenge

26th June

Ramadan begins

Visitors. Why fast?

3rd July

British Values

Summary, as per  National SMSC document

10th July

Review of the Year

 Main Events and Successes

13th July

Yr. 6 Leavers’ Assembly


Summer Holidays



SMSC Whole-School Assemblies for 2015-16
Summer Term 2016


 Week Beginning



18th April

St. George’s Day/British Values

The English flag

Origin of St. George myth

St. George in history

Meaning of “Patron Saint”

Not just England’s St.George

25th April

 William Shakespeare

Meaning of “Playwright”

Biographical key events

Video excerpts from “Romeo and Juliet” and “The  Tempest”

2nd May

No assembly


9th May

“Great to be British” Week 1


Policing by consent


16th May

“Great To British”  Week 2




23rd May

Behaving British

100 British people washed up on a desert island.

What do they do?

Half Term



6th June

The European Union

What is the EU?


13th June

The European Union

What the EU does

20th June

EU Referendum Week

Both sides of the vote

The Democratic process

27th June

Wimbledon Week

History of Tennis

British origins

4th July

American Independence Day

Britain’s Imperial past

The English language in the world

11th July

Year 6 Leavers Assembly



 Spring Term 2016




Monday 11th January

British Values/ Respecting  the  beliefs  of others/The Law

Religious tolerance is the Law


Monday 18th January

British Values/Entitlement to having one’s own  beliefs respected /The Law

A Citizen’s Rights under the law

How those rights are protected


Monday 25th January

British Values/tolerance, respect  and breaking the Law

Extremist views / behaviour and the Law. Unacceptable words/behaviour and consequences

Monday 1st February

Chinese New Year (8th Feb)

The western calendar isn’t the only one/dates relate to cultures

Monday 8th February

Ash Wednesday ( 10th Feb)

Lenten fasting. Meaning and parallels in other faiths

Half Term



Monday 22nd February

British Values/ Bad ways of doing things in other countries

History of Democracy/Totalitarianism

Monday 29th February

(change of content)

The EU and the EU Referendum

Beginning a whole-school theme culminating in a school referendum on the issue in June

Monday 7th March

Maha Shivaratri (8th)

Aspects of Hindu belief

Monday 14th March

British Values/ Magna Carta

History of Democracy and the Rule of Law

Monday 21st March

Palm Sunday/Good Friday/Easter Sunday (20th/25th /27th)

The Christian message


Autumn Term  2015 Whole-School Assemblies




7th September

New Playground zoning arrangements

14th September

British Values: Voting or Fighting

21st September

British Values: The Law and Parliament

28th September

British Values: The Law and Parliament

5th October

Harvest Assembly: Supporting the Food Bank

12th October

British Values: Respecting  what you don’t agree with

Half -Term


26th October

All Hallows Evening

2nd November

British Values: Our County Council

11th November

British Values: Why the Second World War was fought (Remembrance Day)

16th November

No Assembly

23rd November

Teasing and Bullying

30th November

Good Manners

7th December

Christmas Service Practice

w/b 14th December

Two  Evening Carol Services at St. Martin’s C of E Church, Desford